I love photographing newborn twins!! Although it is much more difficult to get 2 babies to sleep at the same time, it is amazing to see how they settle best when they are close to each other.

Anaria and Anasia came to me after an almost 2 month stay in the NICU.
They were 63 days new at their session. They are identical twins but definitely had their own look… I only confused them a few times 😉

Mom selected white and pink for their colors. I am not even sure which is my favorite because they look so cute in everything! But if I had to decide I would say the 2 of them next to each other in the heart bowl prop is pretty awesome!

The biggest challenge photographing twins is when one is asleep, the other may decide she needs to eat. Trying to get them on the same schedule is tough. We had to wrap these sisters for most of their session to keep them asleep together.

We tried for a picture with big sister, but like most 2 year olds, she had other plans and decided she would rather play with toys. Mom was very understanding considering she just went from an only child to being a big sister to two babies!

These 2 girls will for sure be best friends for life.