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Courtney Saulnier Doherty

People often ask me if newborn photography is something I have always wanted to do. I have always been the one with a camera capturing moments that at the time didn’t seem to mean much, but now looking back at all those photos they are cherished memories tucked inside photo albums.

Newborn pictures were never really a thing when we had our boys and family pictures were the once-a-year Christmas card photo.

But, with this whole new world of social media, I became a keeper of the memories. Those pictures you will forever cherish won’t be tucked away, they will be on display in your home as treasures, gracing your social media pages almost as if you are looking at a virtual time capsule of the most important thing in this world, the love for your family.

There is something about capturing the first few glimpses of a lifetime of love in those little fingers & toes. All of your hopes & dreams for the most precious Angel you brought into this world are to be photographed in a way that you will forever cherish.

Newborn photography captures that, it captures a snapshot of a moment in time that goes by so very fast.

People told me all the time, it goes fast, childhood goes so fast & I didn’t believe them because I was in the thick of it.

But now, looking back the days were long, but the years flew by. I never realized how fast it did go, but when your child is taller than you, or you can’t pick them up anymore, it hits you hard.

And when that day comes for you, I hope you look back and smile at the treasured moment of me placing them in your arms and trusting me with memories of all the hopes and dreams you have for your baby.

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