Typically we photograph newborns between 7-14 days but that doesn’t mean you have to! Sometimes an older baby will sleep just as well as a brand new baby. Josh came to me at 45 days new and slept great, he never even opened his eyes!

Josh has the most amazing hair and lashes! Oh and the cutest dimple ever that showed when he flashed me a sleepy smile! He also has some adorable full cheeks since he was a month and a half old at his session.

I usually stick to timeless, classic set ups but when mom came with an outfit for Josh of course we used it! Mom is a very big Harry Potter fan so we did a special set up for her, I know his family loved this picture of him.

Josh’s family chose the newborn petite package but loved his images so much they purchased 5 additional digital images because they could not decide on just 5! I know his family is ordering very large prints of this adorable boy to hang all over their house.